The Henry County Board of Commissioners held a Called Public Workshop at 9:00 a.m. on Tuesday, February 10, 2009, in the Conference Room at the Mountain Creek Conference Center, Pine Mountain, Georgia. Notice of this meeting was posted in the entrance foyer of the County Administration Building. The Daily Herald was notified of this meeting. Those present were:


                        Elizabeth “BJ” Mathis, Chairman,

Reid A. Bowman, Vice-Chairman, District IV Commissioner

Warren E. Holder, District I Commissioner

Rick Jeffares, District II Commissioner

            Randy Stamey, District III Commissioner

Johnny B. Basler, District V Commissioner

Also attending were Shay Mathis, County Clerk; LaTonya Nix-Wiley, County Attorney; Rob Magnaghi, County Manager; Mike Bush, Finance Director; Kenneth Voss, Chief Appraiser; David Curry; Tax Commissioner; Terry McMickle, Public Works Division Director; and others.

Chairman Mathis called the meeting to order and called for an acceptance of the agenda.  Commissioner Holder made the motion to approve the agenda; Commissioner Basler seconded.  The motion carried unanimously.

Chairman Mathis stated there was a request to name a road after Ronnie Stewart who was the Coroner for Henry County for many years and passed away a few years ago.  It was suggested that the road leading to Windy Hill Road be renamed possible to Ronnie Stewart Way.

Chairman Mathis informed the Board that Mr. J. T. Williams would like to push for the Eagle’s Landing Parkway project to be number one for the Stimulus Package.  That would free up approximately $24 million in local funds to be disbursed to other projects.  Terry McMickle, Public Works Division Director stated under the Road Capacity Projects that was given to the Georgia Department of Transportation it was indicated that the Eagle’s Landing Parkway Project was number one and in parentheses Highest Priority.

Commissioner Stamey asked if any of the projects could be listed as long as they were within the 180 day timeframe.  Mr. McMickle stated yes it has to be ready within 180 days and has to meet all Federal standards and have gone through that process.  The projects that have gone through the process are Keys Ferry/Hwy. 81, Fairview/Hwy 155, Old Conyers/Flat Rock and Eagle’s Landing Parkway.  Those projects have been submitted.

Rob Magnaghi suggested that the Board submit a letter signed by all in support of the Eagle’s Landing Project being priority.

Presentation by Chief Appraiser

            Mr. Ken Voss, Chief Appraiser discussed the process for appraising property for property taxes.  The Board of Commissioners will host a series of Town Hall Meetings to convey information to the public regarding property tax assessments.  There will be a presentation on property assessments in Henry County for each meeting, during which the property assessment process, the laws which guide the process, and what citizens can expect will be explained.

SPLOST III discussion

            Mike Bush, Finance Director gave the Board an overview of the finances of the County.  Chairman Mathis stated a finance report will be presented to the Board at one of the regular meetings each month.  There were discussions regarding SPLOST Projects and the amount to bond for the projects.


            Commissioner Basler made the motion to adjourn; Commissioner Stamey seconded.  The motion carried unanimously.


                                                                        Elizabeth “BJ” Mathis, Chairman


Shay Mathis, County Clerk