Called Public Meeting

Henry County Board of Commissioners and

The Henry County Hospital Authority

7:00 p.m., Monday, November 9, 2009


       I.               Call to Order

      II.              Acceptance of the Agenda

     III.             Hospital Authority Discussion Items

A.  Opening Comments (Presenter:  Steve Kay)

B.  Appointments of New Hospital Authority Members (Presenter:  Rod Meadows)

C.  Employee

1.   Appointment of Vice President Patient Care Service (Presenter:  Chief Nursing Officer, Karen Kiel, RN, MSN)

D.  Quality

1.   Information Technology Update (Presenter:  Terry Wilk)

2.   Influenza Status (Presenter:  Karen Kiel)

E.  Service (Presenter:  Jeff Cooper)

F.   Finance

1.   Overview of HMC Financial & Operational Results (Presenter:  Claude Carruth)

2.   Actions taken to respond to economic downturn (Presenter:  Claude Carruth)

G.  Growth

1.   Hospital Market Share of Henry County Residents (Presenter:  Jeff Cooper)

2.   Radiation Therapy Center (Presenter:  Charlie Scott)

3.   Imaging Center Expansion at HHC McDonough

4.   Ambulatory Surgery Center

H.  Wrap-up/ Comments

     IV.            Board of Commissioners Discussion Items

A.  Update on projects in District I

B.  Update on projects in District II

C.  Update on projects in District III

D.  Update on projects in District IV

E.  Update on projects in District V

     V.             Resolution requesting approval of a nuisance abatement (Handout #1)

     VI.            Executive Session

    VII.            Reconvene

   VIII.           Approval of an affidavit and resolution pertaining to executive session

     IX.            Adjournment