Called Public Meeting

Henry County Board of Commissioners and the

Henry County Board of Education

6:30 p.m., Thursday, October 4, 2007



A.               Call to Order – Board of Commissioners and Board of Education


B.                Acceptance of Agenda(s)


C.               Recess for dinner


D.               Reconvene


E.                Items for discussion between the Henry County Board of Education and the Henry County Board of Commissioners


1.     Successful opening to the school year and appreciation for completion of road improvement projects associated with the new schools:  Bethlehem Road, N. Moseley Road, and McDonough Parkway

2.     Current school projects:

a.                  Tussahaw Elementary, August 2008, Coan Drive

b.                 Rock Spring Elementary, August 2008, Stroud Road

c.                 Locust Grove Middle School and Locust Grove High School, August 2009, Peeksville and S. Ola Roads

3.     Additional school projects:

a.                  Wolf Creek Elementary, August 2009, South Unity Grove Road

b.                 Rocky Creek Elementary, August 2009, Hampton-Locust Grove Road

c.                 Hampton Middle School, August 2010, Hampton-Locust Grove Road

d.                 Hampton High School, August 2011, Hampton-Locust Grove Road

4.     Update on 2007-08 student enrollment (second consecutive year of below projection)

5.     Henry County Career Academy/collaboration with Griffin Technical College

6.     HR 900 (Speaker Richardson’s GREAT Plan) and tax reform

7.     Pledge of support for County’s SPLOST III

8.     Impact of total outdoor watering ban

9.     Presentation regarding the recycling program (Julius Ross, Chief Planner and Julie Hoover-Ernst, Communications Director)


F.                Set date for next joint meeting


G.               Adjourn