Joint Called Public Meeting with the

Board of Commissioners and the

 Hospital Authority/HCM Boards

6:30 p.m., Monday, May 4, 2009


I.              Call to Order (Board of Commissioners and Hospital Authority)

II.            Acceptance of the Agenda (Board of Commissioners)

III.           Opening Comments (Marcia)                                                                       

IV.          Board Structure (Rod)

A.   Nomination(s) to the Hospital Authority (3 people) (Board of Commissioners)

V.           Mission, Vision, and Pillars of Excellence (Charlie)                                           

VI.          Growth

A.   Radiation Therapy Center (Charlie)

B.   Cardiovascular Services (Angioplasty and E.P.) (Charlie)

VII.         Finance

A.   Impact of economy on hospitals, including HMC (Claude)

B.   Overview of HMC financial and operational results (Claude)

VIII.       Quality

A.   Information Technology Accomplishments (Terry)

IX.          Service

A.   E.D. Operational Improvement Project (Lynnette)

X.           Wrap-up Comments (Marcia)

XI.          Adjournment (Board of Commissioners and Hospital Authority)