Regular Public Meeting

Henry County Board of Commissioners

9:00 a.m., Monday, April 30, 2007



I.                     Call to Order

II.                   Acceptance of the Agenda

III.                  Proclamation

IV.               Ms. Gwinder Childs requests to appear before the Board regarding Childs Drive (Exhibit #1)

V.                 Request for authorization to enter into an agreement for the provision of Guardian Ad Litem and Child Advocacy services (Presenter: Buddy Welch, Chief Judge, Juvenile Court) (Handout #2)

VI.               Planning and Zoning Services


A.     F & G Development of Jonesboro, GA, RZ-07-04, Commissioner Stamey, District 3 (Presenter: Stacey Jordan, Chief Planner) (Exhibit # 2)

F & G Development of Jonesboro, GA requests a rezoning from RA (Residential-Agricultural) to R-2 (Single-Family Residence) for property located at 121, 131, and 171 Oak Grove Road. The property is located in Land Lot 97 of the 7th District, consisting of 30.33+/- acres. The request is for the development of a single-family conservation residential subdivision. The Zoning Advisory Board recommended approval on March 22, 2007.

VII.              Building and Development Services

A.     Resolution requesting an appeal of a denial for a Development Permit for property located at 1199 Jonesboro Rd (Presenter: Steve Schafer, Development Plan Review Director) (Exhibit # 3)

VIII.            Public Safety

A.     Resolution requesting authorization to accept a donation from the McDonough, Wal-mart for the CERT Program (Presenter: Don Ash, Emergency Management Agency Director) (Exhibit # 4 )

B.    Resolution requesting authorization to purchase two (2) canines, using narcotics forfeiture funds(Presenter: Major Danny Butler, Police Department) (Handout #1)

IX.               SPLOST/Capital Projects

A.     Resolution requesting award of a bid for improvements and paving of Sorrow Road (Presenter: Roy Clack, Division Director) (Exhibit #5 )

B.     Resolution to approve a utility relocation agreement with Georgia Power for the McDonough Parkway Extension (Presenter: Roy Clack, Division Director) (Exhibit #6)

X.                 Public Works

A.     Resolution authorizing acceptance of a Local State Route for construction of the McDonough Parkway Extension (Presenter: Terry McMickle, Public Works Division Director) (Exhibit #7 )

B.     Resolution requesting award of a bid for the purchase of Performance Friction Brake Parts (Presenter: Terry McMickle, Public Works Division Director) (Exhibit # 8)

XI.               Social Services

A.     Resolution requesting approval of a Services Contract Agreement with Helping in His Name Food Pantry (Presenter: Angie Bailey, Social Services Division Director) (Exhibit #9 )

B.     Resolution requesting approval of a Resource Sharing Agreement with Atlanta Regional Workforce Board (Presenter: Denese Rodgers, Connecting Henry Director) (Exhibit #10)

C.    Resolution requesting approval of Amendment #1 to the SFY 2007 Georgia Department of Human Resources Coordinated Transportation for Elderly & Persons with Disabilities contract (Presenter: David Williamson, Transit Director) (Exhibit #11 )

XII.              Finance

A.     Resolution requesting award of a bid for the purchase of uniform rental and cleaning services for various departments (Presenter: Angie Sorrow, Budget & Procurement Director) (Exhibit # 12)

XIII.            Approval of Minutes

A.     April 16th and April 17th, 2007, Regular BOC meeting

XIV. County Manager Comments

XV.           County Attorney Comments

XVI.          Public Comments Citizens are allowed to voice county related concerns, opinions, etc., that are not listed on the agenda, during this portion of the meeting. (Please sign up before the beginning of the meeting with the County Clerk)

XVII.        Upcoming Meetings:

1.      Tuesday, May 1st, 2007 @ 9:00 a.m. Regular BOC meeting

2.      Monday, May 14th @ 9:00 a.m. and Tuesday, May 15th @ 6:30 p.m., Regular BOC meetings

3.      Monday, June 4th @ 9:00 a.m. and Tuesday, June 5th @ 9:00 a.m.

XVIII.       Executive Session

XIX.          Approval of an affidavit and resolution pertaining to executive session

XX. Adjournment