Regular Public Meeting

Henry County Board of Commissioners

9:00 a.m., Monday, January 14, 2008



I.                   Call to Order

II.                ANNOUNCEMENT: The following item has been removed from the agenda, per Staff’s request, and will be heard at a future date –

Resolution requesting authorization to accept a Department of Justice “Project Safe Neighborhoods” grant for the Police Department (Presenter:  Larry Stanford, Grants Administrator) (Exhibit #4)

III.             Acceptance of the Agenda

IV.            Appointment of the Vice-Chairman for the Board of Commissioners

V.               Public Works Division

A.   Resolution requesting authorization for a change order regarding engineering services for the East Atlanta/Panola Intersection (Presenter:  Terry McMickle, Director) (Exhibit #1)

VI.            Building and Development Service Division

A.   Resolution requesting authorization for streetlights in two subdivisions (Presenter:  Bert Foster, Planner II) (Exhibit #2)

VII.         Public Safety

A.   Resolution requesting authorization to accept a donation of a 42” Toshiba Flat Screen TV for the Police Department (Presenter:  Major Danny Butler, Police Dept) (Exhibit #3)

VIII.      Grants Administration

A.   Resolution requesting authorization to accept a Council of Juvenile Court Judges Grant for Juveniles in the court system (Presenter:  Larry Stanford, Grants Administrator) (Exhibit #5)

IX.            Tax Commissioner

A.   Request for approval of an Ordinance Amending several Sections of the Code of Henry County with regards to Occupational Tax and Alcoholic Beverage Licensing (Presenter:  Dottie Green, Manager) (Exhibit #6)

X.               Planning & Zoning


A.   First City Bank of Stockbridge, GA; MC-07-10; Commissioner Mathis, District 2 (Presenter:  Andrella Slaughter, Planner II) (Exhibit #7)

First City Bank of Stockbridge, GA requests a modification to a zoning condition for property located on the north side of Jonesboro Road, west of Chambers Road. The property is located in Land Lots 85, 108 & 109 of the 6th District, consisting of 28.62+/- acres. The request is to remove a zoning condition regarding garages. The Zoning Advisory Board recommended Denial December 13, 2007


B.   Bobby R. and Wilma J. Justice of Middlesboro, KY; RZ-07-29; Commissioner Holder, District 1 (Presenter:  Stacey Jordan, Chief Planner) (Exhibit #8)

Bobby R. and Wilma J. Justice of Middlesboro, KY requests a rezoning from RA (Residential Agricultural) to C-3 (Heavy Commercial) for property located on the southeast corner of the intersection of SR 42 and Harris Drive, in Land Lot 248 of the 2nd District.  The property consists of 4.55+/-acres, and the request is for future commercial development.  The Zoning Advisory Board recommended Denial of C-3; however, recommended Approval of C-1 December 13, 2007

C.   Resolution requesting approval to adopt the Joint Henry County/Cities Comprehensive Transportation Plan inclusive of recommended roadway classification changes (Presenter:  Michael Harris, Division Director and
Cheri Hobson-Matthews, Director ) (Exhibit #9)

D.   Resolution requesting authorization to execute an agreement governing expenditures for State & Local Government Cost regarding Hazardous Waste Trust Fund reimbursement (Presenter:  Michael Harris, Division Director & Michael Toney, Assistant DOT Director) (Exhibit #10)          

XI.            SPLOST/Capital Projects

A.   Resolution requesting approval to enter into a Right of Way contract with GDOT for Eagles Landing Parkway (Presenter:  Roy Clack, Director) (Exhibit #11)

B.   Resolution requesting approval to accept a donation of a Blacksmith Shop and related items for Heritage Park Village (Presenter:  Roy Clack, Director) (Exhibit #12)

C.   Resolution requesting authorization to award a bid for grading & paving at the Probate Court Parking Addition (Presenter:  Roy Clack, Director) (Exhibit #13)

XII.         County Manager Comments

XIII.      County Attorney Comments

XIV.      Public Comments – Citizens are allowed to voice county related concerns, opinions, etc., that are not listed on the agenda, during this portion of the meeting.  (All persons wishing to speak for public comment must sign in with the County Clerk prior to the beginning of the meeting.  You must sign your name, address and specific topic you wish to speak about or you will not be recognized.  You will be able to address the Board for five (5) minutes.)

XV.         Upcoming Meetings:

                                                          1.      Tuesday, January 15th, Joint BOC and the Library Board meeting @ 5:00 p.m., and Regular BOC Meeting @ 6:30 p.m.

                                                          2.      Monday, February 4th and Tuesday, February 5th @ 9:00 a.m., Regular BOC meeting

                                                          3.      Monday, February 18th @ 9:00 a.m. and Tuesday, February 19th @ 6:30 p.m., Regular BOC meeting

XVI.      Executive Session

XVII.   Reconvene

XVIII.      Approval of an affidavit and resolution pertaining to executive session

XIX.      Adjournment


























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